Nozzles & Accessories

We offer a variety of accessories to ensure ease of use on the job site. From specific nozzles for different applications, after coolers and ice makers. We want to ensure you have all the tools you might need to get the job done quickly.

Our nozzles were designed by a hyper-velocity projectiles specialist with velocity in mind. Under the guidance of our nozzle specialist, our engineers have worked to perfect these nozzles for each type of application to ensure you are getting the best performance and efficiency ice can offer. We currently offer the following nozzles: Medium Focus – 0.75” blast width, 24” long 3.0 Lbs Our most aggressive nozzle offered. This nozzle will provide you the best focused power to break through the most stubborn of contaminants.

Medium Fragmenter – 2.5” blast width, 24” long, 3.9 lbs Our most gentle nozzle offered. This nozzle will provide you with a gentle clean when working with fragile surfaces. Short Focus – 0.53” blast width, 11” long, 1.6 lbs Our lightest and shortest nozzle offered. Use this nozzle when maneuverability is a concern to get into hard to reach places.